Muy bien work.



Creating a unique user-experience on the web for the launch of a new car, for a brand that has a long history of innovative communication and marketing ideas is no small feat.



We developed makefriendswithyourfast.com an online game featuring the car. There were no instructions. Players had to guess what to do in order to complete each level by trial and error. And each level was more difficult than the last. Once all 5 levels were successfully completed, users were introduced to the new GTI model with a virtual tour of the car and all its features.

To advertise the launch of the website, we plastered the city with an outdoor teaser campaign featuring the URL and the black 3d character as visual. No car or logo. Not many clients (or agencies) would dare do that.



Within 3 weeks of the launch, the website already had 20,000 “gamers”. The campaign was so successful, and the game so addictive, a forum was even created by users to share tricks on how to succeed each level.



(Palm + Havas agency)

Type:advertising, art direction, illustrations