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Canadian Cheese. A brand with wholesome family values. Can we reinvent this national brand without creating the typical “perfect happy family” advertising campaign and seduce consumers into buying more cheese?



Sure. Let’s start off by telling Canadians NOT to use our product. That’s right. “Stop cooking with cheese” because if you do, you’ll be stuck cooking for your children for the rest of your life.

We created a humorous television campaign demonstrating all the crazy antics senior parents tried to force their adult children to move out. And we followed up with a print campaign featuring neighbors or family members inviting themselves to dinner.



The campaign was a hit across the country. So much so, comedians were spoofing the campaign and using our “Stop cooking with cheese!” tagline in their comedy sketches on television.

Not to mention the campaign also won an award (and a facebook fanpage).

Client:Canadian Dairy Producers

(Cossette agency)

Type:advertising, art direction